How to Write Better Headlines With One Tool

How to Write Better Headlines

What tools do you use to write better headlines? You do use one, right? A good headline is important. Your audience will decide whether to read your post based on your headline. You’re wasting your time if you’re writing great content with a crappy headline. If coming up with a good headline is something you struggle with or if you want to make it easier, a headline analyser tool is what you need.

You might think you’ve come up with a good headline. Maybe you need help with deciding which of the headlines you’ve come up with to choose. Using a headline analyser tool is important and will help you to create clickable headlines. This means more readers, more shares and more traffic. You can use headline analyser tools for more than your blog posts. Use them to help you with headlines for your email subject lines and your social messages too.

This article from Copyblogger explains that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy. BUT, only 2 out of 10 will read the whole blog post. This is why using a headline analyser tool is so important. If your title is rubbish, people aren’t going to read the rest of your post.

What Makes a Good Headline?

You’ll have a process when you write your blog posts. You’ll come up with an idea, then you’ll need to come up with a headline for the post. Think about the blogs you click on and read. What drew you in? You might like the format of certain posts like lists and how to’s. They’ll might promise teach you something (how to write better headlines) that you can do to make your life easier (how to write better headlines fast with one tool).

I’ve tried various headline analyser tools. I now use one tool to analyse my headlines. It’s my personal favourite. That tool is the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. I love CoSchedule. I use it for scheduling content to my social media platforms. It’s also connected to my WordPress site so I can use it within my WordPress when I’m writing blog posts. You don’t have to have a CoSchedule account to use this tool and it’s FREE!

This is why I love this tool:

  • It keeps a history all the headlines and variations you put into the tool
  • It gives you a word balance of your headline, more on that below
  • It tells you your headline type
  • You get a happy smiley face if your headline shows positive sentiment
  • It shows you what your headline will look like in Google search and as an email subject line
  • It tells you if your headline is the right length

Ready to Write Your Headlines?

When you’ve got your blog post idea you’ll start thinking about headlines. Come up with a few, maybe 4 or 5. Put them into the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer and see what results you get for each one. In the image below, you can see the headlines I came up with for this post. I always try to go for a minimum score of 70 for my headlines.

write better headlines with one tool

Put your title in the analyser, click analyze now and within seconds this tool will tell you how good your headline is. Or isn’t. If you’re typing in a few variations of a headline, it saves your headline history so you can easily see what you’ve typed without having to remember, making it easy choose the best one. For the headline for this post, I typed a few variations until I was happy with it. You can see here the variations I’ve used and the score for each headline.

You’ll also see that the headline ‘How to Write Better Headlines Fast and Easily’ scored one more than the title I ended up with. I went with the title I chose instead because it just felt right and I prefer it. It explains exactly what the post is about, using one tool to write better headlines, simple! I was going to write about more tools but this is the only one I use now so I didn’t see the point.

Check Your Headline Score

Now, scroll down. You’ll see your headline score, headline type and word balance. The word balance breaks your headline down in two four word types: common, uncommon, emotional and power words. You can see the results for my headline for this post in the image below. Your blog post title should have a least one power word. I’ve shown you how CoSchedule’s tool has broken down the headline’s overall structure, grammer and readability. It does this by analysing the headline for power, common, uncommon and emotional words.


write better headlines analyzer

It also helps you to optimise the length of your headline to make sure it has the right amount of words and characters.

write better headlines CoSchedule headline analyzer

I love that it also shows you what your headline will look like in Google and as an email subject line.

It helps you to come up with catchy headlines that your readers will love.

If you’re not using a headline analyser tool, you better start. When you do, you’ll stand out from the noise and your competitors.

Need ideas for your headlines? Have a look at these headline generator tools. Once you’ve come up with your headline, use the CoSchedule headline analysis tool. Come up with variations of the headline and use the best one for your post.

What tools do you use to write better headlines?

What’s your proccess for writing headlines? Are you using any tools? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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