10 Really Useful Ideas For Twitter Lists

ideas for twitter lists

Are you already using Twitter lists but need more ideas for Twitter lists? Or have you heard of them but you’re not really sure what they are or how to use them?

What is a Twitter list?

A Twitter list is a list of people’s accounts that you want to monitor. You add an account to a list you create, make that list private or public, add that list to Tweetdeck and monitor the accounts from there. When you look at the list on Tweetdeck, so you’ll see a timeline of tweets from all the accounts on your list. If you don’t want to go to Tweetdeck to look at your lists, go to your profile page within Twitter, click on lists, click on the list you’d like to look at, you’ll then see a list of tweets from everyone on that list.

There might be hundreds of accounts you’re particularly interested in, looking up these accounts manually is going to take forever. Adding them to a list solves that problem and lets you monitor them all from one place in minutes.

Twitter is fast paced. Tweets come and go in seconds, it’s impossible to read them all. This is where Twitter lists come in useful. Lists allow you to organise and monitor your favourite accounts. You don’t have to be following them to add them to a list, they don’t have to be following you.

With Twitter lists, it doesn’t matter if you’re following hundreds or thousands of people, you’ll find it easy to engage with people which is the whole point right? Building relationships and expanding your network is what it’s all about, lists enable you to do that.

What Twitter lists should I create?

You can create Twitter lists for anything. If you’re interested in a certain topic or if you want to keep up with the latest new in your industry, create a Twitter list of accounts in that area. For example if you work in digital marketing, you could create a digital marketing list, add digital marketers to that list and monitor the list for content that could be useful to your followers. This is just one example, there are more below, with recommendations on whether to keep each list private or public.

How do I create a Twitter list?

Creating a Twitter list is easy and takes minutes to do. Think about the kind of lists you want to create. You could have a list of influencers in your industry, competitors, people you’ve met at networking events and loads more. Here’s how to create a list, there are two ways:

From your profile page
Click lists
Click create new list
Give the list a name
Select public or private
Click save

From Twitter’s home page
Click your profile picture on the top right next to the Tweet button
Select lists from the dropdown
Follow the instructions above

If you find a profile you like, you can add them to a list from their profile page and you can create a new list from their profile page.

From someone else’s profile page
Click on three vertical dots next to the follow/following button
Select Add or remove from lists
A box titled ‘Your lists’ will appear
Select the list you want to add them to, or click Create a list at the bottom of the box
Add the list name, description is optional, select if you want the list to be public or private, click Save list. Your new list will appear at the top, click the box to add that person to the list
Click the X button on the top right to close the box

You can find more information about Twitter lists here at Twitter’s support page. This article will tell you how to:

Create a list via iOS, Andriod and the web
How to add or remove people from your lists
How to see lists that you’re on (iOS and web only)
How to find a lists URL to share
How to view tweets from a list
How to edit or delete lists
How to subscribe to/follow other people’s lists.

Easy peasy, now you know how to create Twitter lists. Here’s a few ideas on the types of Twitter lists that are useful to have and how to use them to listen to and engage with your Twitter community.

1. Your local area

I love supporting local business and I think it’s really important that we all do it. A local list helps with keeping up with what’s going on in your local community. I grew up in Enfield in north London so I have a list for that and I also have a London list. You can also use this list to curate content with local events. Be a good neighbour, share the local love! These lists are fine to make public so everyone can see them. Or you can keep it private.

2. Clients

Make a list of your clients and keep it private so no-one else can see it, you don’t want your competitors seeing this list. Use this list to keep up to date with what they’re doing on Twitter and to engage with them and RT their tweets.

3. Networking contacts

This list will help you stay in touch with people you’ve met at events and make it easier for you to build relationships after the event. This can be public or private.

4. Competitors

You should always know what your competitors are doing. How are they using Twitter? What works for them, what doesn’t? What are their strengths and weaknesses? You don’t have to follow them, just add them to this list. Obviously, this is a list you want to keep private.

5. People you engage with

If you have people who respond to your tweets and who you talk with a lot add them to this list. I also add people I meet in Twitter chats to this list. I’ll say it again, engaging is important for a strong presence on Twitter. Keep this private.

6. Influencers

Have a list of influencers in your industry. I have a look through these every day for any useful content I might have missed. You can see what they’re tweeting about and engage with their tweets. Keep this one public so if others want to subscribe to it they can, you are now a valuable source of information!

7. Help for your clients

I have a list of accounts that I think are useful to my clients. If you have anything that you think might be useful to your clients make a list for them. You might find some great tips, advice and ideas that your clients would appreciate. I keep this list private.

8. Who do you want to notice you?

These are prospects, you want these people to notice you. Adding them to this list means you can engage with them easily. When you’ve engaged with them, follow them. Hopefully they’ll follow you back. Keep this list relatively small, about 5 – 10 people. Keep this list private. Once they’ve followed you add them to your potential clients list and replace them with someone else whose attention you’re craving.

9. Potential clients

These are people who will hopefully turn into clients. Again I’d keep this list smallish. Track what they’re up to on Twitter, look at their websites and other social media. Once you’re on their radar, you can think about offering your services. Take time to build the relationship though. Someone is more likely to do business with you if they know of you and who you are. Keep this one private too.

10. Cool people

Keep a list of people who retweet you. A retweet is a big thing on Twitter. Someone has taken the time to retweet your tweet, they liked it that much, it’s an honour! Keep this list public so they can see it. Retweet their stuff that you like, this will hopefully encourage them to keep retweeting your stuff too, it’s a win-win for everyone!

I use Tweetdeck to keep tracking of what’s happening in my lists by adding them as columns.

You can read more about Tweetdeck and other similar useful apps to have here.

There are loads more ideas for Twitter lists, have a look around to see how you can use the ones you need in your business.

Over to you

So that’s why you need to use Twitter lists, now you can start organising your followers and people you follow!
Are there any useful lists that you use?

Do you have more ideas for Twitter lists?
If you do, comment below, I’d love to hear about them!

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