Do You Give Your Best Every Day?

Do You Give Your Best Every Day

Do you give your best every day? When you’re running your own business you’re your own boss. There’s no-one to hold you accountable but you. How easy is it for you to get up every day on focus exactly on what you need to do? When I talk to other business owners, three things always come up that cause problems day to day. The are sticking to a routine, staying focused and distractions. They know what they should be doing but they don’t end up doing it.

So, what do we do about it? Let’s be honest. We know what we need to do. We need to have a routine and stick to it. Having a routine enables you to stay focused. The problem is that so many business owners don’t have a routine in place! It’s so simple, so why don’t people do it? It’s crazy, by not having a routine in place you’re setting yourself up to fail, day in, day out.

Let’s stop right now and sort this out. With a routine, your productivity will increase and you’ll feel good at the end of the day with what you’ve achieved. If you think you’re going to struggle with this, get yourself a business accountability buddy, have a catch up once a week (even better is to have it at the same day and time if you can to keep consistency) to go over your weeks’ achievements, struggles and how you can help each other. This will help you to give your best every day.

What do your mornings look like?

Get up at the same time every day and have a morning routine. Get up like you’re going to work, because you are, you just don’t have to commute, woohoo! I get up at the same time and do the same thing every morning. Workout, shower, breakfast, coffee, get dressed, do my daughters school lunch, feed the dogs let them out all before I settle down to start work. These are all the things I’d do if I was going out to work. When they’re done, I can settle down and focus on what I need to do.

The tv doesn’t go on in the morning, at all. It doesn’t go on all day. It goes on late evening, and even then I don’t pay much attention to it. What’s on tv in the day anyway, nothing but rubbish and news. Why do you want to watch the news? It’s nothing but doom and gloom. In the morning while my daughter is getting ready for school she listens to her music. If I feel like it, I’ll put some music on to listen to while I’m working. If not then I’ll work in peace and quiet, bliss.

Can you leave your phone alone?

Put your phone in another room if you can, or on the other side of the room. I work from a laptop and I make a point of only having the Chrome browser tabs open I need. If I have Twitter and Facebook open in tabs, I’ll be looking at them randomly all day for a ‘quick minute just to see what’s going on.’ But I’ll stupidly pick up my phone and look at Facebook and Twitter on there instead. It’s crazy! Keeping them social media tabs closed isn’t enough which is why I put my phone out of reach.

Talking of social media, don’t be a victim of ‘what am I missing out on’ syndrome. If something important happens, you’ll find out about it. If the worlds about to explode, you’ll find out about it. Forget about social media and focus on what’s important right now, your business. Use social media for your business and save the social side of it for when you’re not working. I use social media for networking, I don’t network offline anymore, for me it was a waste of time. I set time aside for networking online and stick to it.

The only thing I can do to stop myself from randomly checking my phone is to put it on the other side of the room. If you can turn your phone off even better. I know this isn’t always possible in business. I have to leave my phone on in case I get a phone call from the school about my daughter, so switching it off isn’t an option for me. You can’t give your best every day if you’re checking your phone and social media every 10 minutes.

Planning & tasks

So, we’ve gone over a few things you can do to help you stay in the flow of working. But what about your tasks for the day. Do you have these in your calendar? Do you plan them in the morning or the night before? I like to plan my tasks for the day at the end of the previous day. When I get up in the morning I know exactly what I’m doing. I don’t want to spend time in the morning planning my day, I want to get up and get on!

Going through those tasks and crossing them off when they’re done means I’m on track and moving forward. I know you’ve probably heard this loads of times before, but it’s a good feeling when you cross those tasks off. If you’re not used to doing this a good tool to start off with is Momentum. I’ve written a post about it here. It’s a Chrome extension that helps you focus on one main task you need to do for the day and you can also create a to do list. Have a look and give it a go.

Where do you work?give your best every day

Yes, I know you work at home, but where do you work? I’m being honest here, I work on my sofa. Sshhh don’t tell the productivity police! I know people say you should have an office with a desk to do your work. I don’t have one and I don’t want one. I’m productive working from my sofa and everything I need is within reach. As long as I have a routine in place I know I’ll do what I need to do. Whether I do that on the sofa, at a desk or in bed isn’t going to make a bit of difference to whether things get done or not. It’s everything else I’ve already mentioned here that affects what I do and how much I do every day.

Give yourself a breakgive your best every day

It would be so easy to sit for 8 hours straight without a break. This is bad for your mental and physical health. I have a lunch break every day. Luckily for me, I have two rescue dogs and there’s no way they’d let me get out of taking them for a walk. Some days I really can’t be bothered (please don’t judge me) but I have to and the fresh air does me good.

Meet up with a friend for a coffee or if you’re not going out have a break and do something else that isn’t work. Even if it’s housework, anything to get you off the laptop or whatever it is you work on. Make yourself something to eat, have a coffee and get back to it when you’re ready. You’ll be able to give your best every day when you’re being good to yourself and taking good care of yourself.

giving your best Have set times for certain things

How many times a day do you check your emails? What about social media? Yes, I’ve mentioned social media but it’s worth mentioning it again! These are two massive time thieves. Block out time in the day for each of these and stick to it. When you’re done shut them down and don’t open them again until the next designated time. If you get a lot of emails in a day and are finding it hard to stay on top of them, blocking out time isn’t enough. You need to have a system in place that helps you deal with them quickly and efficiently. I’ll be writing about this soon and we’ll make an inbox hero out of you in no time!

Delegation’s what you need

As a business owner, I know how many things there are to do in a day. If your daily tasks are holding you back from growing your business, hire a virtual assistant to delegate your tasks to. You can’t give your best every day if you’re trying to do everything yourself. No successful business owner or entrepreneur has got where they are by going it alone. They have a team working with them.

Do you give your best every day?

If you don’t put a routine in place and carry on as you are, you’ll keep on doing bits here and there without ever really getting anything done, or being as productive as you could be. You’ll work longer hours, longer days and end up falling out of love with your business.

Next time you tell yourself you don’t need to have a routine in place, that you’re fine as you are, or that you don’t need to put your tasks in your calendar, or have a to do list, remember this. Putting all of these things in place is just one part of getting yourself on the right path to success. Remember why you’re doing it, remind yourself why you’re doing it. I’m doing this for myself, my daughter and my family. If you don’t do it to the best of your abilities, in a way that ensures that you give your best every day, it won’t be the success it could be with a routine in place.

Why are you doing this?

I love helping people to succeed. In the past I’ve struggled in life and I’ve had hard times. I want my daughter to be proud of me. I’ve always been independent. I don’t rely on anyone else. Everything I have I’ve worked for. If I don’t do this, no-one else is going to do it for me. I don’t want to rely on others. It’s nice to say I did that, I paid for that. I cannot stand it when I hear oh if I meet a rich man my life would be sorted. What the hell?! That’s my worst nightmare. Why the hell would you want to rely on someone else, to rely on someone else’s money. No thank you, that isn’t part of my plan and it’s not part of my dreams! When you give your best every day and succeed, you can say I’ve worked for it, I’ve earned it and I deserve it.

Over to you

Do you give your best every day? Do you need help with your routine and getting things done? I’d love to hear your comments. If you know anyone who needs help with any of the things mentioned, please share this post, I’m sure they’d appreciate it, thank you!

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